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Welcome to Spikab!

We produce railings, posts, pillars and columns in glued wood. That little extra to make your house just as beautiful and functional as you want it to be.

Our specialty is our glued pillars and columns with the heartwood on the outside, this makes the products more weather resistant.

SPIKAB works to reduce the environmental impact and keep it under controlled forms. This means, among other things, that we cooperate with local suppliers who in turn produce from local raw materials, that the raw materials come from environmentally friendly certified forestry and that we work to increase that volume.

Please read more about our environmental work here.

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Contract Manufacturing

We can manufacture, process and surface-treat customized components and finished products for our industrial customers.


Finger joint

The joint can handle rough wood up to 150x100mm



Contract planing including turning blanks and moldings of spruce and pine as well as flannings and extents in MDF.



Processing of MDF for, among other things, window sills, kitchen doors and mullion cassettes.



Our glue press for posts is unique. In it, we quickly glue posts endlessly from four equal-sided slats where the heartwood faces outwards.



Lathe of posts, pillars and columns up to 3m length and a diameter of 30cm.



Primer painting is carried out in a machine that brushes on the paint, which penetrates better than by spraying or dipping. We use water-based alkyd paint.